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Passion for English offers professional English courses to adults and professionals in small groups up to 10 students. Each course starts with a consultation to assess your needs. You will take part in a short conversation to assess your needs. Next, we will advise you about the best group for you. We also have individual lessons.

During the course you will meet twice a week for a lesson using an online learning platform. The lessons are designed by our Lead Teacher to suit students' individual needs. They focus on helping you develop your fluency and accuracy. You will be exposed to new language and you will receive constructive feedback on how to improve your skills.

After each lesson, you will receive a file with the materials and notes from each class. 

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Our teachers


Our lead teacher

I have been helping students develop their English skills for 15 years. I have worked in Poland, the UK, China, Japan, Malaysia and Jordan. I got my first teaching experience as a freelance teacher in Poland. I did my CELTA (Certificate in English teaching to Adults) in 2006. I moved to Xi’an, China in 2010. In China I was working for English First where I taught students of all levels. From China I moved to Okayama in Japan. In Japan I taught mainly General English, but I also conducted BULATS tests when I was not teaching. In Malaysia I worked as an English Teacher Mentor. I spent the last 5 years in Jordan working for the British Council.

My qualifications include:

- CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Cambridge English Assessment

- DELTA Module 1 (Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching), Cambridge English Assessment

- DELTA Module 2 (Developing Professional Practice), Cambridge English Assessment


Improve your speaking skills

We are going to help you speak more fluently and accurately. You will learn how to deal with difficult situations in English and gain more confidence.


Real language

You are going to learn learn the language from natural and realistic examples.



You are going to meet people from all walks of life. Our group classes are a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your personal and professional network.

Start learning today!


Business communication skills

Lesson 1. Informal meetings

Lesson 2. Managing the discussion

Lesson 3. Giving a formal presentation

Lesson 4. Taking part in a teleconference

Lesson 5. Dealing with conflict

Lesson 6. Problem-solving

Lesson 7. Telephoning

Lesson 8. Giving an impromptu presentation

Lesson 9. Discussing options and reaching decisions

Lesson 10. Giving a briefing on a change

Lesson 11. Reaching agreement

Lesson 12. Selling an idea


Business communication skills

Lesson 1. Making small talk

Lesson 2. Giving an update, making and responding to suggestions

Lesson 3. Presenting an idea, a product, or service

Lesson 4. Dealing with customers

Lesson 5. Explaining plans and arrangements

Lesson 6. Participating in decision-making meeting

Lesson 7. Presenting factual information

Lesson 8. Negotiating solutions

Lesson 9. Asking about work and life

Lesson 10. Teleconferencing

Lesson 11. Presenting future plans

Lesson 12. Discussing and evaluating performance


Business communication skills

Lesson 1. Introducing yourself and saying what you do

Lesson 2. Talking about leisure

Lesson 3. Making and changing arrangements

Lesson 4. Welcoming visitors

Lesson 5. Explaining and asking about changes

Lesson 6. Presenting and discussing plans

Lesson 7. Placing and handling orders

Lesson 8. Making suggestions and recommendations

Lesson 9. Participating in a discussion

Lesson 10. Giving a formal presentation

Lesson 11. Discussing problems

Lesson 12. Planning future contact


Business communication skills

Lesson 1. Introducing yourself and others

Lesson 2. Making and receiving phone calls

Lesson 3. Presenting

Lesson 4. Giving a report

Lesson 5. Discussing progress

Lesson 6. Asking for and giving opinions

Lesson 7. Making small talk

Lesson 8. Making and responding to suggestions

Lesson 9. Controlling the discussion

Lesson 10. Giving a formal presentation

Lesson 11. Predicting

Lesson 12. Showing understanding and suggesting solutions

Topics we cover

Upper-intermediate speaking course

Lesson 1: Bumping into people

Lesson 2: Talking about yourself

Lesson 3: Telephone and communication problems

Lesson 4: Exchanging information

Lesson 5: Negotiating

Lesson 6: Interrupting and letting others speak

Lesson 7: Showing interest

Lesson 8: Being supportive

Lesson 9: Persuasion

Lesson 10: Being tactful

Lesson 11: Admitting and denying

Lesson 12: Gossiping

Lesson 13: Handling difficult conversations

Lesson 14: Talking about money

Lesson 15: Talking about stress

Lesson 16: Showing that you’re sceptical

Lesson 17: Sounding confident or hesitant

Lesson 18: Sounding excited

Lesson 19: Showing annoyance and anger

Lesson 20: Using sarcasm

Topics we cover

Intermediate speaking course

Lesson 1: Starting an informal conversation

Lesson 2: Responding

Lesson 3: Interruptions

Lesson 4: Exchanging information

Lesson 5: What to say when you don’t remember a word

Lesson 6: Changing the subject

Lesson 7: Asking for clarification and checking understanding

Lesson 8: Showing interest in a conversation

Lesson 9: How to end the conversation politely

Lesson 10: Making suggestions or proposals

Lesson 11: Making polite requests

Lesson 12: Asking for and giving advice

Lesson 13: Asking for and giving opinions

Lesson 14: Agreeing and disagreeing

Lesson 15: Emphasizing what you say

Lesson 16: Giving and receiving compliments

Lesson 17: Encouraging and reassuring

Lesson 18: Giving negative feedback

Lesson 19: Saying no politely

Lesson 20: Complaining about something

Topics we cover

Pre-intermediate speaking course

Lesson 1: Meeting people

Lesson 2: Describing people

Lesson 3: Talking about things

Lesson 4: Talking about places

Lesson 5: Making arrangements

Lesson 6: Making requests

Lesson 7: Ordering and buying

Lesson 8: Speaking on the phone

Lesson 9: Showing interest in a conversation

Lesson 10: Developing a conversation

Lesson 11: Checking for understanding

Lesson 12: Listening to problems

Lesson 13: Making a complaint

Lesson 14: Making an apology

Lesson 15: Showing sympathy

Lesson 16: Saying ‘thank you’

Lesson 17: Agreeing and disagreeing

Lesson 18: Stronger opinions

Lesson 19: Giving feedback

Lesson 20: Saying ‘Well done!’



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